Oak slats with natural finish
A detail of the oak slats
Slats 6x3 cm

NODOO false ceilings with open slats:
The slats of the false ceilings are made of Oak wood or Spruce glulam. They have a natural oil finish, and can be tinted upon request.
The section of the wooden slats measures 30x60h mm, and the length can be made-to-measure according to the project, and placed at a centre-to-centre distance of 70mm.
The ceilings are fitted with a metal profile frame that has an anchoring system that hooks onto the structure of the building to which the single wooden slats are attached with a patented snap element that leaves the ceiling free to be inspected.
The false ceilings that are made of slats meet different acoustic requirements through the use of soundproofing components, and are compatible with most air-conditioning and filtering systems.
Approximate weight 30 Kg/m2.
Optional Features: An integrated lighting system. Soundproofing panels made of 100% black polyester with a density of 25Kg/m3 are placed above the slats. Fire-proofing class 1 (UNI 9177) M1 (NF P 92501). The fire-proofing treatment of the slats ensures that the wood is class 1 fire-resistant.

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