Who. NODOO is a creative workshop where artisans and architects design and produce furnishings in simple and timeless styles.

What. The beauty of our products lies in the materials we employ, in their very essence. NODOO works with materials as they are, trying not to alter their surface and enhancing their characteristics with design and crafting techniques that become an additional value, highlighting essential features, and doing away with superfluous elements. NODOO is synonymous with quality materials and design.

When. NODOO supports design and designers in their growth and in the development of their products. NODOO is happy to meet any challenge, and sees each project as an opportunity to carry out research to find new ideas and solutions.

Where. NODOO is situated in Rimini and knows no national boundaries; it designs and assists designers in the development of their ideas by offering technical support.

we do not follow fashions
we care for every detail
we are open to any challenge
we handcraft items
quality is everything for us
we use carefully selected materials
we select the techniques we employ
we are passionate about our work
we do not set any limits to ideas
we sometimes say no
we are not commercial
we make ethical environmental choices
we enjoy working
we believe in high quality products

How do we do it. NODOO participates in the project alongside the designers to develop ideas and offer technical support.