Glass and wood walls with adjustable rotating slats
A detail of the adjustable rotating slats
A detail of the adjustable rotating slats
Details of the wall structure
A free standing self-supporting element
A detail of the single pane glass wall

Wall. A partitioning system that comprises certified (FSC – Pefc) glulam modules.
It is designed to be installed between the floor and the ceiling up to a maximum height of 350 cm or as an independent free-standing compartment whose height can be made-to-measure.
The wall comprises profiles with sections that measure 70x80h mm that are equipped with adjustable runners and acoustic gasket tape to adapt to floor surface variations (+/- mm 15).
The oil finish protects the wood and enhances its natural colour.
Alternatively, upon request, we can provide colour samples according to your requirements.

The window panes are made of laminated glass that is transparent or coloured by a PVB safety interlayer; the edges are polished and joined with high-performing adhesive tape.
Single windowpanes afford soundproofing up to 35dB, and upon request we can provide windowpanes with a special acoustic film that ensures soundproofing up to 39dB.
For added privacy single windowpanes can be integrated with a vertical blind of adjustable rotating wooden slats that require no extra room.
Double glazing affords a high level of soundproofing over 40dB.

Nodoo walls are not limited by size requirements and can be made-to-measure.

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